Awesome Asian Frat Dudes Totally Sorry They Did All That Blackface Stuff A Second Time


Man, it is hard to be a frat these days. You either have to deal with total boners who don't even know how to giggle at you right, or you get in trouble just because your dumb buddies forgot they weren't supposed to do blackface after the first time they got caught doing blackface, and then they did blackface again, and got caught again.

Like, if you are the Asian frat Lambda Theta Delta at UC Irvine, and you do a video of you as Jay-Z, in blackface, is that even racist, really? As the conservative response to the death of Trayvon Martin explained, it can't be racism if you are both minorities!

Here is Lambda's rush video, which starts with the young mens singing about "diversity" and goes on to blackface and sombrero parties.

But that Jay-Z blackface video, the first one, had a specific disclaimer that it was NO RACISM INTENDED, ALL FUN AND LAUGHTER. So case dismissed, right?

Let's ask Harry Connick Jr.

[Youtube, via OCWeekly]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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