Awkward! Proud Boys And Cops Have Very Public Breakup

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Awkward! Proud Boys And Cops Have Very Public Breakup

For the past several years, amid complaint after complaint of police brutality, amid the many, many videos of cops killing unarmed black people, the Right has "backed the blue." They have loudly insisted that every single act of violence by a police officer was justified because the people involved didn't obey them quickly enough, or because they must have done something wrong in their lives, even if what they were doing at that particular moment wasn't. They've justified so many instances of police violence that one might have fairly thought that the Right truly did, as they say, believe law enforcement was always right and that any use of force is always justified.

But that would be wrong. See, the right loves cops so long as they feel cops are going after the "right" people. They do not like cops very much when the cops go after them. They did not like Ruby Ridge, they did not like Waco, they did not like the Bundy standoff. When they say that those who fail to "obey the rule of law" deserve whatever they get, they are not talking about white Christians. And when that happens, they will turn on said cops on a dime.

This was exactly what happened on Friday night, after a line of riot-geared cops pushed back on a bunch of Proud Boys and then subsequently fired at them with rubber bullets. Whoops!

The Proud Boys, clearly, felt quite betrayed. Check out this guy just screaming his face off about how the cops work for them and that they pay their salaries and what not.

And this lady just stomping all over her thin blue line flag.

"I've been there for you all fuckin' summer! Fuck you!" yelled one angry, angry little man.

Just to be clear, this does not suddenly mean that cops are good. Personally, I feel a little cringey about all of the people on Twitter going all "Yeah! The cops are on our side now!" — because we all know that's not true.

The Proud Boys will be one of several groups of terrible human beings who will be marching on Washington on January 6th in hopes that they will somehow be able to The Secret another four years of Trump into existence. According to leader Enrique Tarrio and Proud Boy Joe Biggs, they are going to be attending this rally "incognito" and dressed up as Antifa, and they're gonna go around yelling things like "Black Lives Matter."

That sure seems like a thing that will accomplish ... something?

Anyway! This is now your open thread! Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

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