Axis of Fun Celebrates Christmas!

Holly Berry, or Father Christmas?Wonkette thanks the tipsters who sent us an invite to the Axis of Fun 2nd Annual Janky Christmas Sweater Festival of Lights! The group, which lists alleged kiddie sex predator and former Senate staffer Mike McHaney among its members, is an exclusive, catty, gay social group that apparently gets together to quote Mean Girls (some call themselves The Plastics!), takes over Reboboth with monogrammed beach chairs, and pursues all sort of self-aware douchebaggery. And yes, they even have Republicans! In other words, according to many, the group is not very well-liked. The invite, after the jump, has Axis of Fun's own version of Jingle Bells!

"They kind of act like they are the shit," says one of McHaney's friends. " Some of the cooler gay guys in DC would never be caught dead with these bitches! There are groups that are much more accomplished and come from wealthier backgrounds. The AOF has just always been bent on getting attention and some people have bought into it for whatever reason. When they have parties, they have a list of who can and cannot come. It's ridiculous."

I know! So mean.

But that doesn't mean you still can't sing along and play in their reindeer games...

(To the theme of Jingle Bells)

Dashing through dupont

To an A.O.F. party,

Over the circle we go,

Prancing all the way;

Gays on seventeenth sing,

Drinking Amstel light,

What fun it is to go and drink

With your janky sweater on

Christmas trees, Menorahs,

Glue that shit right on!

O how fun it is to come

To our second annual one!

It was a year ago,

We thought we'd plan a sight,

So come on Saturday

And join us for the night;

The diner is the place;

Bar prizes to be had;

With some in drag and sweaters on,

To miss it you'd be mad.

Christmas trees, Menorahs,

Glue that shit right on!

O how fun it is to come

To our second annual one!

To join in the fun, respond to their Evite.


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