Axl Rose Didn't Spend $150,000 On Manolo Blahniks

  • Depending on which poll you read, the presidential race is either perilously tight or fixin' to be a blowout. [New York Newsday, Pensacola News Journal,]
  • Barack Obama has pretty much written off West Virginia, which is not surprising, given the pack of astonishing quotes here from racist Bitters who at least had the good sense not to give the reporter their names. [Baltimore Sun]
  • Republicans are privately expressing fears that a $150,000 sartorial spending spree for their "average hockey mom" was maybe not such a fantastic idea. Here's an idea, REPORTERS: Put all this "ladies have to spend six digits their clothes, sexist" talk to rest by calling up Hillary Clinton and asking her how much she spent on her vast closet full of pantsuits for her grueling 18-month primary. We will bet it was not as much as the Republicans spent for Sarah Palin's eight weeks of glory. [New York Times]
  • New laws appear to temporarily dampen state foreclosure rates, but some foreclosures are now bouncing back, robust as ever. [Birmingham Business Journal]
  • Why is John McCain busy campaigning for New Hampshire's four electoral votes? Laying the groundwork for a 2012 run, perhaps? [Nashua Telegraph]
  • The New Guns N' Roses album will be out next month, maybe, finally. [New York Times]

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