Baby Panda: Uniter, Not Divider

Baby Panda In Butter GarlicIf you turn the page past news of SCOTUS speculation, London bombing aftermath and Iraq deaths you will find news of the baby panda born this weekend at the National Zoo. But before you breathe a sigh of relief at having a piece of truly non-partisan news in the headlines, remember that this ursine infant was conceived through artificial insemination: Could there be "spare" panda embryos? What does this mean for the "culture of panda life"? We look forward to Kathryn Lopez straightening this all out in The Corner.

Complicating this issue is the problem of all the baby panda coverage mentioning that it's "about the size of a stick of butter." It's not exactly a common unit of measurement (except for butter), so perhaps editors could find another analogy that wouldn't make the baby panda sound quite so... tasty.

[National Zoo]

Panda cub born at Washington's National Zoo [Reuters]


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