Baby Trump Junior Can Be Putin-Loving Sycophant Garbage Moron Just Like Daddy?

Baby Trump Junior Can Be Putin-Loving Sycophant Garbage Moron Just Like Daddy?

Donald Trump Jr. scrunched his face together like you see in the picture above, and it was a terrible thing, but it was because he was thinking a geopolitical thought.

So, like a person who is allowed to be on Twitter, he formed this thought on Twitter. Which is a shame, because if he was doing this for Daddy's approval or affection or love, Daddy cannot see him there.

It was a thought about Finland, a free country, joining NATO. Literally all people who love democracy and freedom think this is a good idea. The only people who don't like this idea are Putin and his sycophants. Hell, Putin even tried to cut off the electricity, but Finland was like fuck off and now Putin is paying lip service to how it's fine totally fine for Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

Which brings us to:

Wow, Junior, how did you hit so many of Vladimir Putin's sweet spots in so few characters?

Suggesting Finland is "just fine" and shouldn't worry about anything, despite how its hostile neighbor -- which has attacked it before, with horribly embarrassing results, for its neighbor -- is currently committing war crimes and genocide on another peaceful neighbor? Check.

Suggesting Putin deserves to have a "buffer zone" from NATO, because whatever Putin wants Putin gets, if it's what you say Junior loves it, especially later in the summer? Check.

Suggesting Putin simply had to invade because Ukraine was about to join NATO (it wasn't), thereby eliminating that "buffer zone"? Check.

Suggesting "the Ukraine invasion started" for any other reason besides how the garbage dictator in Russia with all the stupid-looking fillers in his face was feeling murder-y and decided to start killing people to fulfill his clownish dreams of a reconstituted Russian Empire? Checkity check check check!

Boy, Junior. You sure did learn from the best, when it comes to being on Putin's side instead of America's side.

We'd say your father must be impressed, except we know he's never impressedwith you.

Womp womp.

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