Bachmann Didn't Mean to Support Her Boyfriend

Bush-groping FosterMILF was one of 11 congresspeople to vote against assuring the independence of inspectors general offices, a bill supported by nearly everyone else in Congress but staunchly opposed by Bush. No surprise there, right? Anyone who's willingly made out with the president in public should probably be expected to support even his craziest notions. But then Bachmann decided she'd made a terrible mistake. Is the honeymoon over? Can Bush safely lift the restraining order?

Shortly after voting ended, Bachmann asked that the following be inserted into the record:

Mrs. Bachmann: Mr. Speaker, on rollcall vote 937, I was recorded as "nay." It was my intention to have voted "yea." I would like the RECORD to reflect my support of H.R. 928.

Bachmann hasn't answered any inquiries to how, exactly, she misvoted -- hit the wrong button? distracted by soft-focus fantasies of Bush in his biking gear? -- but for whatever reason she claims she meant this to be basically the very first thing she's ever opposed the president on. Maybe she'll ask for a do-over of her entire political career to be entered into the record!

Oops. Michele Bachmann Asks For a Do-over [Eric Black Ink]


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