Bachmann Threatens Health of Giffords, Watching From Hospital

Bachmann Threatens Health of Giffords, Watching From Hospital

Hooray, Gabrielle Giffords has put down the elitist hospital iPad and starting to act like a Real America: Shesat in bed and watched teevee. "Last night or the night before she watched television -- it was CNN in fact --- and the fact that she was able to do that for about an hour, in terms of attention span, they were pretty excited about that," said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. That is pretty good, considering we were bored after about two minutes of Obama's spaceship talk. But should we be worried that she gave up after an hour? What exactly did she see on that teevee? Because if she witnessed Wolf Blitzer and his panel of idiots or watched her colleague Crazy Eyes Bachmann deliver that A/V presentation last night, we weren't giving Giffords a reason to live. We were doing the opposite.

The Democrat from Florida added Kelly remains optimistic that his wife will make a full recovery.

"Doctors continue to tell them they're hopeful about how much she'll recover. With each day she's able to do things that are a little more complex than she had been doing before," she said.

We guarantee anything Giffords did last night was more complex than what was happening on CNN. But doctors need to make sure the recovery process is slow and positive. If given a choice between becoming a vegetable and re-entering a world charred by the hellish landscape of modern American journalism and the monstrous politicians it creates, most brains would choose the former.

Gabrielle Giffords had to serve with Michele Bachmann for four years before she got shot. And we may have just flared up her Bachmann-related PTSD. [CNN]


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