Bachmannite Provocateur Is Preacher Heavy Metal Rap Artist In Iowa Assembly Gone Awry

Bachmannite Provocateur Is Preacher Heavy Metal Rap Artist In Iowa Assembly Gone Awry

When Dunkerton Community Schools in Iowa paid a reported $1500 to Minnesota-preacher-man-band "Junkyard Prophet," the money was supposed to buy a high school assembly against bullying and for making good choices. And did it ever! Namely, it gave them firsthand experience with Bullying in the First Degree, and -- surprise, public school district! -- rather a lot of hard-right Christianism in the girls-are-sluts-who-must-obey-their-husbands and also the ever-popular fags-die veins. But new reporting (i.e., a note from Wonkette operative "Kate") shows the lead actor in what has become a good old-fashioned community-wide WTF? is Bachmannite and previous Wonkette BFF Bradlee Dean!

But who is this onetime Sebastian Bach lookalike, with all his layers of Sexy? Well Dean once threatened to sue Rachel Maddow for $50 million for "defaming" him by reading a full quote of his calling for the execution of homosexuals. He has a blog that is ... somewhat unstructured? Here, have a sample from his latest post -- just last Friday! -- tantalizingly called "Hate Crimes -- Bigotry in Reverse."

Hate Crimes! Hate crimes! The homosexual radicals are trying to push an illegal agenda through hate crimes, not understanding that all crime is motivated by hate. What is this really about? And who’s doing the hating?


This explains the Matthew Shepard distorted “hate crimes” law, which has been exposed by ABC’s 20/20 as having nothing to do with Matthew’s sexual orientation. This also explains the supposed “anti-bullying” policy being shoved down students’ throats in public schools, like it or not.

It seems fair to assume Dunkerton Community Schools did not check Dean's blog, which is a veritable treasure box of sanity and taste. Oh well. Better luck next time, Dunkerton, Iowa! [WCF Courier/City Pages]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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