Backwards-Faxing, Mexican-Despising Bleeding-Marker Bandit Strikes Again


One of these days, thisfurious backwards-faxing immigration goblin is going to set aside his rage for a few seconds to learn how to load a piece of paper into a fax machine properly, and from then on he will no longer have to press his magic marker hard enough for it to bleed legibly onto the opposite side, as a hedge, to make sure Hill Staffers understand his comical ultimatums. Just kidding, he will never learn how to do these things. (The goblin could be a she, of course, but it just doesn't seem like that's the case, for whatever reason, does it?). Page two after the jump. It's similar to page one!

Meh, we all know that in the end, Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson will find a way to make the supposedly upcoming immigration bill exactly what Retardo-Faxer desires. And then we'll have no more Mexicans and will have to "go back" to kicking out the blacks from wherever they find comfort, the end.

Thank you to Hill operative "Oh crap we can't name you because you may get in trouble, somehow" for the documents.


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