Bad Month To Be Jim Gibbons

KLAS TV is breaking yet another Jim Gibbons scandal. It's all after the jump, babies.

(George Knapp, our favorite TV investigative reporter because he's just like Carl Kolchak from the old "Night Stalker" series, actually broke the story.)

Congressman Gibbons wants to be governor of Nevada, but he keeps doing weird things like getting drunk with a cocktail waitress (not his wife) and allegedly assaulting said drunken Vegas gal -- or, at the very least, trying to stuff her in a pickup truck so she could safely drive away.

The new scandal is actually an old scandal that has just been revealed. Mr. Tough On Illegal Immigrants "Close the Border" Gibbons apparently employed an illegal Latina nanny for years. That seems almost quaint compared to this campaign season's endless outrage, but it's still a crime and he's still a scum-sucking hypocrite.

Also, reporter Molly Ball at the Las Vegas Review Journal doesn't like Wonkette writing about police reports and Congress without giving her proper credit. After all, we only linked to her stories in our very first post about WaitressGate: Ms. Ball writes: "I broke this story...and the rest of them, for the record." Well, we'll be fucked! She didn't just "break" the Gibbons story, she broke all news stories! Take that, Woodward!

But at least Molly and her peers down in Vegas are covering the story. The Gibbons Nightmare is almost totally ignored in Northern Nevada -- the Republican-leaning District 2 that includes the whole state beyond Vegas/Clark County. Gibbons is based in the Reno suburb of Sparks, and Reno/Sparks arguably has the worst daily paper in America. It took a week for the paper to even mention the Vegas Scandal. A phone call from Congressman Jim was obviously enough to keep the story buried up north, where the electorate tilts just right enough to possibly give him a very slim victory.

Anyway, the Waitress herself is supposed to give a press conference later today. Let us know how that goes, Molly!

Exclusive: Former Employee Says Gibbons Knew of Her Illegal Status [KLAS TV]

Nevada governor candidate criticized for hiring illegal immigrant [Las Vegas Sun/AP]

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