Bad Mothers

* Alberto Gonzales' legacy won't be the 9 fired U.S. Attorneys but the millions of disenfranchised voters. [WP]

* Rudy Giuliani's legacy will always be how he turned his 15 minutes into $15 million a year. [WP]

* That Paul Wolfowitz didn't hand his girlfriend a rubberbanded roll of hundred dollar bills every two weeks is the strongest argument in his favor. [NYT]

* The books are completely irrelevant, it's the "policy center" at the future George Bush presidential library that only Dallas would suffer having. [NYT]

* Commerce department overseer is overseen stapling civil servants' fingers, Xeroxing his own ass. [WP]

* U.S. economy buoyed by global demand for fried "chicken." [NYT]

* National Rural Electric Cooperative unzips its fly, whips out a giant smokestack. [WP]

* Finally, the Pentagon gets some Stalinists to sort out the Iraqi economy. [WP]


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