Bad News For Rudy: Nobody Even Believes 9/11 Anymore

We can remember it for you wholesale - WonketteRemember that Puerto Rican guy locked up in some science-fiction mind-control cell for five years? Well, now that his brain has been erased, he finally gets a trial! Hooray for justice. America's brain sort of erases itself without any help, so nobody really remembers what he was charged with.

Worse for federal prosecutors, potential jurors either don't remember or don't believe the government's 9/11 story, either. This is one of the strangest AP ledes we've ever seen:

Many potential jurors in the Jose Padilla terrorism-support case say they aren't sure who directed the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks because they don't trust reporters or the federal government.
Of the 160 or so people in the jury pool, a "significant portion" has that little trust in Washington and the media. Note to candidates running exclusively on how you heroically stood around while New York got blown up: Maybe come up with a jobs program or something about health care or whatever. You're welcome!

Potential Terror Jurors Cite 9/11 Doubts [Washington Post]


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