BAD NEWS: QAnon Demon Healer Says Biden Dead And Clintons Dead And Tom Hanks Dead And

Meet Bishop Larry Gaiters. Have we ever had him on Wonkette before? We have not! Welcome to Wonkette, Bishop Larry Gaiters!

Bishop Larry Gaiters is a big QAnon prophet guy — you know, the kinda guy Marjorie Taylor Greene might be interested in listening to as she is mesmerized into a deep slumber at night. Check him out, Marge! See whatcha think!

Anyway, this dude, who is into Deliverance Ministries, AKA demon exorcism shit, had some thoughts to share this week, and you are just going to be really upset, because as a QAnon demon healer prophet, you know he probably knows stuff. He shared his news on a very legit QAnon podcast called Up Front In The Prophetic, and oh boy.

GAITERS: Tom Hanks is dead. Newsflash.

The hosts of the prophet show started LOLing, but not in the "who is this freak" kind of way, but in the "I LOL you because I am so excited about your real news" kind of way. "That's right!" said one of the idiots on the prophet show.

GAITERS: Tom Hanks is dead. Joe Biden is dead. OK?

"He took the shot," responded the same idiot on the prophet show.

GAITERS: The Clintons are dead, OK? You've got clones running this country. See, I've got the testicular fortitude to say what needs to be said. Why? Because I'm a man of God.

Is that why he says these things? Because of his ballsack?

The idiots gave Gaiters an "amen," we guess in support of his testicular nut strength.

These are the laughing idiots hosting the show, by the way. You should see their dumb fucking faces.

Here's them not laughing:

They are apparently named Allen and Francine Fosdick. That's right, "Fosdick." They host this very good show.

Back to Gaiters, here is the very true part about how Donald Trump is still president and Donald Trump still has the nuclear codes and Donald Trump still has Air Force One and ayup, this is that true part:

GAITERS: Trump is surrounded by the military at Mar-a-Lago. Trump has the nuclear codes. Trump has the military, who turned their backs on Joe Biden. And Trump has Air Force One. Patriots, QAnons — President Trump is still the president.

You betcha!

Whatcha think, Marjorie Taylor Greene? What about you, Lauren Boebert? Is Larry Gaiters your new favorite? HE SHOULD BE.

On the same podcast, Gaiters said the deaths of Joe Biden's first wife Neilia and his daughter Naomi, and the later death of his son Beau, were a "satanic sacrifice for the political rise" of Biden. He said this is according to his "two contacts in the FBI." Sure thing.

We laugh, but Jesus Christ, these people are sick fucks.

The end.

[h/t JoeMyGod]

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