Badass Hillary Clinton Ad Just Saying Donald Trump And The KKK Are Madly In Love, Is All

Those guys met Donald Trump at a key party, probably.

In case you were wondering, Hillary Clinton's ad department still is having SO MUCH FUN doing its job, which is taking honest #ScienceFacts about Donald Trump and his campaign, and stringing them together to make hilarious, wonderful campaign commercials about what a fuckshow Donald Trump is. There was the ad mocking his belief that he is the best candidate for the homosexuals, and the one that sincerely asked how long he has been running for president, because it's so awful it seems like it's been going on our entire lives. There was the ad that just quoted Trump verbatim on Mexican immigrants, and the one where a million-thousand-eleventy Republicans said words about what a piece o' shit Trump is.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Oh, and did anybody notice the million ads Hillary ran during the Olympics, while Americans were down in Rio #winning? The one with Trump telling David Letterman his ties were made in China and Bangladesh was super great.

Well now we have a new one to add to our collection, and it is about how the very worst white supremacists in all of US America -- the KKK, David Duke, the "alt-right" Breitbart boys -- love Donald Trump so much they want him to romance their bottoms. Watch it!

We love how the ad uses a direct quote from a KKK leader saying, "The reason a lot of Klan members like Donald Trump is because a lot of what he believes, we believe." And we love the video of white supremacist Jared Taylor, listing Trump policies like banning immigration and building walls, saying "That's very appealing to a lot of ordinary white people!" (He means white racist fucksqueaks like him.) It's magical when the voice of David Duke comes in, saying "Voting against Donald Trump at this point is really treason to your heritage."

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Then the ad PIVOTS (take notes, Trump campaign!) into Trump's new campaign daddy, Stephen Bannon from Breitbart, and tells America some education on the "alt-right" white supremacists and neo-Nazis he leads and surrounds himself with. The ads closes with, "If Trump wins, they could be running the country." Indeed!

Hillary's ads are great because they don't have that "Dinesh D'Souza in his Nana's basement with a flashlight in his waistband pointed at his face SAYING SPOOKIES about Hillary Clinton" quality to them, the way GOP ads do. Nah, her ads are just like "Here's what these fuckers said, I trust you are not morons, VOTE IN NOVEMBER!"

So how is this ad going over with the alt-right white supremacists? Glad you asked! Richard Spencer, the guy who coined the douchewad hipster term "alt-right," and who should be shamed until he meets his earthly grave for doing that, is demanding that Hillary "issue an apology to European-Americans everywhere and confront her own troubling links to extremism and the civil unrest she has stoked for months." Poor European-Americans! Nobody knows the trouble they've seen, nobody knows but Jesus!

As for the Trump campaign idiots, they are taking it in stride:

Haha, just fooling, they are on the fainting couch, shitting their pants and dying of consumption.

And Breitbart alum and probably-still-virginal Ben Shapiro, who, despite his GRRR MADS at the Breitbart organization, is still a total twat, has encountered an idea in his brain!

Oh, that is a good possibility! Who are we pitching this to, Ben Shapiro? Slate? Salon? USUncut? They might be interested in finding out how Hillary Clinton going hard and fast at Trump, educating America about a movement that THINKS it's more of a big deal than it is, but nonetheless contains literally the worst scum this country has to offer, is a strong sign that she's just about to wuss out on debating the obviously way more brillianter Donald Trump. Seriously, tweet us @Wonkette when this article is finished, we want to giggle-bate to it for the rest of the week.

Of course, these dumbfucks aren't just SO MAD BRO because of this ad. They're pissed that they're getting made fun of on Twitter, and they're pissed that Hillary is going to give a major speech Thursday about what childish, racist, miniature gorilla schlongs the boys who make up the "alt-right" really are.

Because she is scared of them, obviously. And probably deathly ill. And not up to running against these bros, who resent her for having the audacity to be a woman who is smarter, stronger, better and prettier than they are.

She's never dealt with anything like this before, after all.

[Hillary on Tweeter]

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