Badass Reporter Outs GOP Gov Candidate As Homophobic Jerkwad Who's About To Lose This Election

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Badass Reporter Outs GOP Gov Candidate As Homophobic Jerkwad Who's About To Lose This Election

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis won his last election by double digits, but Republican Greg Lopez thinks he can unseat the incumbent Democrat with an inspiring “I’m just the worst” platform. The former mayor of Parker, Colorado, Lopez is a Big Lie promoter who claims without evidence (hence, the “lie”) that the 2020 election was stolen from Big Daddy Trump.

His campaign website makes him seem like a standard, awful Republican. Boasting in all-caps that he’s FORCED BIRTH ONLY PRO-LIFE, it also states: "I believe in school choice, less regulation, protecting the 2nd Amendment, free-market health care, constitutionalist judges, less spending and smaller government through (the) Tax Payers Bill of Rights — TABOR — enforcing our laws and protecting our (borders), 'legal' immigration not 'illegal immigration.’”

A boring list of policies doesn't matter much, though. Winning elections in today’s GOP means appealing to bigots. During a campaign speech last month, Lopez said, “I think it’s time we had a real first lady, don’t you?” to a receptive, homophobic crowd. You see, Polis is gay married to a man, Marlon Reis, who’s not the first or even second lady. He’s not a lady at all. He’s the first gentleman and yet Colorado hasn’t fallen into the sea.

Journalist Kyle Clark called out Lopez for his grossness during an interview this week. Lopez stood by his homophobic slur or more precisely pretended it didn’t exist. It was an equal opportunity low blow.

: You said, “It’s time Colorado had a real first lady again.” Why choose to introduce homophobia into the race for governor.

Damn! Our boy Clark doesn’t play. NBC should have him host “Meet the Press.”

LOPEZ: It’s interesting that you would even mention that word cause I didn’t use it.

Yes, it’s interesting that Clark doesn’t insult our intelligence like a common Chuck Todd who lets Republicans play stupid about their obvious bigotry and sedition. Now, let’s watch Lopez try to dance his way out of this.

LOPEZ: I don’t know how you connected my words to that sentiment. That’s the problem I think with our society ...

CLARK: What did you mean by having a “real first lady again”?

LOPEZ: Look, I love my wife. We’ve been married 34 years. The first lady is going to work very hard on the issues that pertain to women and children. She’s going to be a strong voice, a strong advocate for our kids and women’s issues. That’s what I meant about it ... For somebody to twist my words ... in society today, they’re always looking to figure out how to make people look like something they’re not.

Lopez’s verbal soft shoe might’ve razzle-dazzled Chuck Todd, who’d have nodded somberly and cut to commercial. Clark wasn’t impressed.

CLARK: I think that there’s a chance that you think I and the folks watching are dumber than we are.

Damn! Are we seeing some journalism here?

CLARK: I think everybody knew what you were saying, and the crowd that clapped for you knew what you were saying. And I’m asking why introduce that into the race? You’ve got plenty of critiques of the governor other than that he’s a gay man. Why do that?

Lopez keeps trying to get out of this hole and Clark says at one point, “I don’t even think you can keep a straight face while you say that.”

It’s bizarre that Lopez would bring his wife into this at all considering he was arrested in 1993 for assaulting her when she was pregnant. Yes, you read that correctly.

You are pro-life, without exceptions for rape and incest and life or health of the mother. Additionally, in 1993, you were arrested for violently assaulting your then-pregnant wife. Some people might see those two things at odds, but they both involve you exerting control over a woman’s body. Is that what Coloradans want from their governor?

LOPEZ: Well, first of all, it wasn’t a violent situation. If you go back and look ―

CLARK: You were arrested for assault.

LOPEZ: We were both arrested for assault. Both of us, OK?

CLARK: ... and one of you was pregnant. So, again, the question is: Do Coloradans want somebody who has a history both in word and action of controlling the bodies of women?

Clark just dismantles Lopez here. I mean, the motherfucker’s reduced to the “well, my pregnant wife got some licks in, too” defense. We’re calling time of death on the Lopez for Governor campaign at This Interview O’Clock.

Here’s the full interview. You should definitely watch, especially if you’re a member of the political press. This is how it’s done, y’all.

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