Famous DC types, they're just like you: they are sweaty, they're "turds," they drink Mexican beer, and they do yardwork. In this week's Wonk'd, David Gregory walks in a circle, George Will bugs the people immediately surrounding him, Steny Hoyer violates the law, Bill Delahunt works on Miller's farm, Tom Davis hangs out in the sixth borough, some dude from The OC does something or other, and we all continue to laugh at Jim Moran's name. It's all after the jump.

Did you spot a Congressman, pundit, or someone else from the TV not on the TV? Then tell us, we lead very uninteresting lives ourselves. Just email us with Wonk'd or "sighting" in the subject line, then spill your guts.

* I saw David Gregory walking around the track at Georgetown's Yates gymnasium. He was pretty sweaty and with a small Hispanic dude. They both had tennis rackets.

* Sat behind George Will at Saturday night's [6/2] Nats game. Surprise, surprise he's kind of a turd.

* Friday (6/1) I saw House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer coming out of Roland's grocery on 4th and Pennsylvania, SE. He hopped into an SUV, which was doing the traditional "Capitol Hill Important Person Double-Park" and screwing up rush hour traffic. I didn't see what he bought, but he was carrying his own groceries.

* Tuesday (6/5) I saw Bill Delahunt in front of his house (the one he shares with George Miller, Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer). He was trimming the ivy that was growing out of control in his front yard. He had a pair of manual shears and was cleaning up the trimmings from the front walk by himself. He was in shorts and a T-shirt and looked like anyone's dad doing yardwork. I guess that was on the chore wheel this week for him...

* I saw Congressman Tom Davis (R-VA) in Philadelphia on the corner of Market and Front Streets on Saturday [6/2] evening. He was strolling with a younger man and two younger women - perhaps his children? Couldn't find any information about his family on his website biography, so who knows. They could have just been drinking buddies. As I don't think he thought anybody outside of the DC/NoVA region would even know who he was, he looked more than a little surprised when I said "Good evening, Congressman". I'm embarrassed I knew who he was. You can take the political junkie out of DC, but you can't take DC out of the junkie.

* Was having some dinner and margaritas on the hill with some fellow HELP committee staffers and who should walk in to La Loma: Benjamin Mckenzie (Ryan from The OC). He ordered a few mexican beers with his entourage and moved back to the patio outside. He wasn't amused when my femal friend yelled "Ryan, you're so hot." Why was he on the hill?

* Rep. Jim Moran was at Irish Times last night [6/6] sitting by the jukebox.


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