Bagels, Donuts and Schmears

* "I've never paid for sex (only because I didn't know where to find it when I was 15), but in the marketplace, I assume $300 gets you the Ferrari, or at least the Corvette. But the questions remain: What does a $300-an-hour prostitute look like? What do you get for the money? Is there a charge by the minute?" [City Desk]

* "I'm gonna ride that clock like a pony." [Eavesdrop DC]

* "Somebody please get Christopher Hitchens a hip flask. The poor man was taking slugs from one of those little mini bottles of what looked like vodka. It was pretty clear that he desperately wanted to take a bigger belt from the bottle but had to pace himself because of its small size." [Scribbles and Scoundrels]

* A poem for Dunkin Donuts Megan. [Craigslist]


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