Baghdad Hill Undermines War Effort

Hillary did this - Wonkette"Issuing a stunning rocket" (that is Kate Phillips' phrase -- we have no clue what it means but we like it and may begin all of today's posts with it), the Pentagon told Hillary Clinton that they were going to sent her to Gitmo if she keeps kinda-sorta planning a withdrawal from Iraq. No, seriously. Her half-assed non-plan is considered "enemy propaganda" and the Pentagon is totally serious about fighting the War on Mild Criticism.

Undersecretary of Defense Eric Edelman sent Hill a letter:

Premature and public discussion of the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq reinforces enemy propaganda that the United States will abandon its allies in Iraq, much as we are perceived to have done in Vietnam, Lebanon and Somalia," Mr. Edelman wrote.

He added that "such talk understandably unnerves the very same Iraqi allies we are asking to assume enormous personal risks.

Hillary is so mad that she is going to complain directly to Defense Secretary Robert Gates. And we'd make some joke about him having better things to do but it doesn't really seem like it.

We're just upset that the Pentagon hasn't sent us a letter. We've been working as hard as a couple bloggers can to actively undermine America's effort in Iraq for years and this is the thanks we get.

The Pentagon Issues a Warning to Clinton [NYT]


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