The idea came to us last week, when paralysis set in at the thought of writing another item about Judy Fucking Miller. There are some people, some ideas, some words that we've just had enough of. Already know just about everything one would want or care to know about Patrick Fitzgerald, for instance. And, fuck: Will we ever get out of the "Situation Room"?

With a nod to Matt Groening, here's some nominees for "banned words and phrases," 2005:



"You're in the Situation Room"

"No one died when Clinton lied"

"Ongoing investigation"


Maureen Dowd

Jeff Gannon

"The Gang of 500" (Idea for Wonkette t-shirt: "Gang of 500 reject")

Joe Wilson

"Turd blossom"


"You're doing a heck of a job"

Jon Klein

"Bush derangement syndrome"



"Double super secret"

"Personal waiver"



We could go on. And yet, we're curious: What words/phrases/people have you seen enough of in 2005? You can keep it to a political/DC axis,, though I would not be adverse to a special "civilian/cultural" category just to be able to put an end to "Desperate Housewives" and all Britney Spears-related jokes. Send your ideas to , with "go away" in the subject line. We have no power to make it happen, but we can whine about it.

You know I'm a Democrat, right?


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