Rude DOJ Won't Even Pay Steve Bannon's Million $$$ Legal Fees, Ain't That A Kick In The Ass!

Steve Bannon does not lack for chutzpah. The FOIA warriors at Business Insider just unearthed 110 pages of bills documenting upwards of a million dollars in legal fees that the president's former advisor turned podcaster would like Uncle Sam to reimburse him for. And with apologies for making you contemplate Ol' Three Shirts' wizened nether bits, we must say, THE BALLS ON THIS GUY!

"It is our understanding that the White House supports reimbursing Mr. Bannon's attorneys' fees. We are in the process of obtaining a written statement confirming the White House's agreement and will provide it to you as soon as possible," Bannon's attorney William Burck wrote to Sal D'Alessio, (acting) Director of the DOJ Civil Division's Constitutional & Specialized Tort Litigation section.

This missive was dated December 31, 2020, just three weeks before Biden's people took over the Justice Department, and less than two months after Burck fired Bannon as a client for suggesting that he'd like to cut off Dr. Anthony Fauci's head and stick it on a pike. Burck, who also represented Reince Priebus and Don McGahn in the Mueller inquiry, appears to have requested reimbursement solely for his services to Bannon, according to BI. So, make of that one what you will in regards to who stiffs their lawyers and who does not.

Whatever the reason, Burck was very hot to get the money before Biden's inauguration. And he wasn't shy about throwing in everything "related" to the Mueller investigation, including time spent preparing Bannon to testify in Roger Stone's 2019 criminal trial. What does the Mueller investigation have to do with Stone's trial for perjury and tampering with a witness by threatening to kill "comedian" Randy Credico's dog, you are wondering. Particularly since Stone was convicted of lying to Congress, not Robert Mueller. But man's grasp should exceed his reach, or what is heaven for? So Burck is swinging for the fences.

Check out this bill from July 21, 2020, for 8.2 billable hours, most of which was done by an associate, not a partner.

Why, yes, that does say $18,466.14. And, no, that is not anything like the regular government reimbursement rate for outside legal work. But you don't ask, you don't get, right?

Interestingly, Burck writes that Bannon "has not been reimbursed, in whole or in part, by insurance or any legal defense fund." So he's not one of the special people who got their legal bills paid by the RNC, like Don Jr. and Trump himself. Which really seems churlish, considering Bannon seems to have been the first one flogging that Hot Tub Time Machine Executive Privilege Defense to withhold information about the Mueller Report from Congress.

Sadly for Bannon, and perhaps even more so for Burck, the Trump administration failed to put that million dollar check in the mail. Perhaps they got distracted with the whole insurrection thing? And the Biden Justice Department told Burck he could go whistle for it, BI reports.

But Bannon got something worth more than money when Trump pardoned him in the last few hours of his presidency. So, looks like he's the one laughing last after all.


[BI / Bannon Invoices]

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