FAILBarack Obama did some serious damage to his credibility with working-class white voters this weekend when he proved that he is a total spastic failure at bowling. He and fellow pantywaist Senator Bob Casey bowled worse than two girls with no arms, leaving no doubt in the minds of many voters that he is out of touch with the concerns of regular hard-working Americans. Read all about how an evening at the Pleasant Valley Recreation Center became his Waterloo, after the jump.

Obama bowled a humiliating 37 in an evening that featured the following highlights:

  • "On his first warm-up ball, Casey rolled a gutter ball. Obama's first ball flew well off his hand but also ended up in the gutter. On his second try, he knocked down four pins."
  • "'My economic plan is better than my bowling,' Obama told fellow bowlers. 'It has to be,' a man called out."
  • "About five lanes over, a young man in a T-shirt that said 'Beer Hunter' fell on his backside while bowling and still recorded a strike."

Beer Hunter for Veep!

UPDATE: Here is some footage of the terrible event.

[youtube expand=1]

Obama bowls for voters badly in Pennsylvania [AP]

Play of the Day: Obama Bowls [YouTube]


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