Barack Obama Found On Mysterious Beach!


Ah, here it is, gamesetmatch for McCain -- Obama's been caught kidnapping/fathering black children in French Hawaii! We knew something was up with this slimeball. If you want to see more spy photos from this man's private vacation, the Huffington Post has anice collection. What a family! When we look at this picture, all negativity and trauma briefly drowns out from the world; every problem has been momentarily solved and there are no more questions to ask. When a HuffPo commenter looks at this picture, however, (s)he types, "Awww ... how sweet. BO takes yet ANOTHER vacation while another country goes under. Good thing HRC is on the trail saving his inexperienced a**!!!" You'd have to be a damn fool to believe these nice vacation photos wouldn't become attack fodder. [HuffPo]


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