Barack Obama Is A 'Martinist'; Wonkette Interviews Another Member of Sonic Youth!

Today your Wonkette visited the grounds of Independence Hall to discover the links between Primary Day, Liberty, Benjamin Franklin and Rock & Roll. In other words, we were looking for Paultards to harass. We didn't find any for sure, but we found two other things! First, a nice conspiracy theorist who calls Obama a "Martinist." A Martinist is a Satanist, more or less, because Satan was named after Martin Luther King Junior. This wise fellow is in a Rock and Roll band on MySpace, much like the second figure we ran into: Lee Ranaldo, guitarist for Satanist band Sonic Youth (another member of which we have already harassed). He doesn't think he is a sell-out, nor does he care which Democrat wins the nomination. But is he a Martinist?


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