Barack Obama Is A Self-Loathing Muslim

Politico's Ben Smith has posted a HIT PIECE on Barack Obama today, calling him a FRAUD, who is CONSCIOUS of IMAGE. Two Muslim women, apparently, were supposed to stand behind Obama's podium at his big Al Gore Rally in Detroit on Monday. They each were wearing "Muslim headscarves," however, and since Barack Obama must not ever be near any known Muslims, his campaign volunteers wouldn't allow the two gals behind the podium after all. So now we've got one of those Old Politics/New Politics/Hypocrisy things on our hands.

The two Muslims faced hate discrimination in separate incidents. The volunteer in the first incident at least pretended to be tactful, by telling the Muslim gal that they weren't allowing anyone with scarves or hats or "anything on their heads" in the special VIP section. Muslim image problem, solved! Until, of course, the volunteer immediately blew her cover by shouting at the Muslim gal, "It has nothing to do with your religion!" The Obama campaign should definitely fast-track this volunteer for a P.R. leadership role.

But it's the discriminating volunteer in the second incident who may be an actual adult retard:

That incident began when the volunteer asked Aref’s friend Ali Koussan and two others, Aref’s brother Sharif and another young lawyer, Brandon Edward Miller, whether they would like to sit behind the stage. The three young men said they would but mentioned they were with friends.

The men said the volunteer, a 20-something African-American woman in a green shirt, asked if their friends looked and were dressed like the young men, who were all light-skinned and wearing suits.

Miller said yes but mentioned that one of their friends was wearing a headscarf with her suit.

The volunteer “explained to me that because of the political climate and what’s going on in the world and what’s going on with Muslim Americans, it’s not good for [Aref] to be seen on TV or associated with Obama,” said Koussan, a law student at Wayne State University.

Both Koussan and Miller said they specifically recalled the volunteer citing the “political climate” in telling them they couldn’t sit behind Obama.

Well maybe everyone is lying, as usual. If not, however, then the Baseball Cap Excuse is a legendary act of political agility compared to the "YOU MUSLIMS ARE RUINING HIM FOR SHIT'S SAKE" one.

The Obama campaign has denounced those two volunteers, both of whom are now en route to New York City, where briefcases of $100,000 in unmarked bills drawn from Bill Clinton's presidential library fund await them at a Penn Station locker.

Muslims barred from picture at Obama event [Politico]


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