Barack Obama Murdered Jonah Goldberg's Pet Snail, Because That's What Liberal Fascists Do


  • The Weekly Standard used strategically placed ellipses to suggest Joe Klein thinks Iran is "breezy" with freedom, which is patently false. Joe Klein thinks Iran is "overflowing" with buckets of candy corn. Get it right or apologize, Weekly Standard. [Swampland]

  • Be it Hamas, Hezbollah, Chavez, Castro, corn syrup, Heinrich Himmler, unibrows or the sinking of the Lusitania -- in the battle of Good versus Evil, Barack Obama endorses Evil. Always. [RedState]

  • Internet sensations Matthew Yglesias and Ezra Klein are reading Infinite Jest together, and they're keeping a diary about it. Because the world needs more of those WordPress things. [A Supposedly Fun Blog]

  • Henry Paulson and Fareed Zakaria will mate, and they will ask Matt Taibbi to be the child's godfather. Also: Fareed Zakaria is a ham-head. [Matt Taibbi]

  • Jonah Goldberg's pet snail is dead! "Gary never caused trouble, never talked back, helped keep his tank a cleaner, better place and made everyone smile." If only Michelle Obama could be a little more like Gary. [The Corner]


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