Barack Obama Offends Latest Whiny Local Media Outlet

Whenever the Democratic primary season heads to a new state, the excited local press is set up for a letdown. "O, O, Barack Obama is going to give glorious, exclusive quotes to me," the local town reporter dreams, "and I will win many Pulitzers and Barry will be my new bowling partner." Then Barack Obama gets to town, gives a lovely speech, and doesn't talk to any reporters anywhere. Then the reporters get depressed and write whiny articles about how Barack will not talk to them or bowl with them or even care that they exist. Today's example: the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader!

Um, um, Hillary Clinton was like, letting us hang out with her all day and going to parades and stuff and letting us look at her. But "Too Cool" Barry, he and his "pool media" friends think they're some kinda hot ticket, they do:

The former first lady embraced the crowds - literally. During her March 10 visit to Scranton, Clinton shook hands with supporters at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport before a stop at an Old Forge pizzeria on her way to a campaign rally at the Scranton High School.

Clinton granted one-on-one interviews to the local press and walked the distance in Saturday's St. Patrick's Day Parade, stopping for photographs, handshakes and hugs along the way.

Obama, on the other hand, declined interviews with the local media and would not disclose details of his trip. His time of arrival was estimated and an appearance at Whistles Pub & Eatery in Scranton was restricted to pool media.

And then they were mean to us by name!

"Look, we're not here to answer questions from The Times Leader all day," said Sean Smith, an Obama press official. "You will get releases as soon as they are available."

TOO LATE SEAN SMITH, we're hanging out with Hillary, who is absolutely our best friend now and maybe even will go steady with us. Last week, she "enjoyed some red pizza with longtime friends Hazel Price and Charlotte Iori, then met one-on-one with some local reporters."

Yeah that's right. It's Times Leader rules now, Hopey.

Obama keeps local media at arm's length [Times Leader]


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