Barack Obama Said This Thing About Patti Solis Doyle!

A couple of days ago the Obama campaign proudly announced thatit had hired Patti Solis Doyle, the most loathed ex-Clinton campaign staffer in the world besides Mark Penn, and a chorus of OH NO HE DID NOTs echoed around the Interblogosphere as horrified political dorks contemplated the meaning of this travesty. Worry no more, because Barack Obama himself explained it all yesterday.

Here is what the candidate said about his new employee:

"Patti Solis Doyle I think is a terrific experienced campaign hand. She's from Chicago. Her brother and I organized on the southeast side of Chicago when I first moved to Chicago as a community organizer, so I've known the family for a very long time. I think that she will bring not only a set of skills that we're gonna need as we put our ticket together but she's going to be a terrific adviser and offer insight and judgment that will help us."

In other words, "She is useless."

Obama on Patti Solis Doyle [First Read]


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