• Tony Hayward's exploding wellhead is not completely perpendicular, which is dangerous and also really gross to think about! [Think Progress]

  • Filesharing, you know, "Pirate Bay Kazaa" or whatever, is actually good for Taylor Swift and other hip-hop musical artists. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Orlando named a new stretch of asphalt "President Obama Parkway," and the folks at Reason are furious because: taxes, Obama isn't even dead yet, Ayn Rand, doesn't Orlando already have Harry Potter World? [Hit & Run]

  • Lloyd Blankfein will not go on Oprah so please stop asking, Matt Taibbi. [Daily Intel]

  • Barack Obama was about to murder another fly but then decided not to at the last second because that is what Alfred Nobel would have wanted. [The Caucus]


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