Barack Obama To Change Electoral Math By Courting Youths, African-Americans, Everybody Else

She is a better bowlerEvery four years Democrats say they're going to win elections by getting more young 'uns and black people to vote, and every four years George Bush gets elected again. But this time will be different, says Barack Obama, because he is getting "folks" to register to vote and he will kick their asses if they don't.

Obama's deputy campaign manager Steve Hildebrand swears that states like Ohio could maybe definitely swing more toward the Democratic this side. Why? [Because Ken Blackwell isn't the secretary of state anymore. -- Ed.] On account of the Internets, and the youths, and the possibility that a black candidate might persuade more black voters to turn out. Not to mention the fact that Obama has a massive army of volunteers in the dewy spring of adulthood who can think of nothing more enjoyable than spending 30 hours a week asking cranky retirees in the Midwest for their vote.

John McCain, on the other hand, has little in the way of a volunteer army except for Heidi Montag and Rambo, which when you think about it is all he needs.

Obama readies plan to reshape the electorate [Politico]


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