Barack Obama Will Force Every College Student To Listen To His Crappy A Capella


  • Some sort of Truther claims Barack Obama isn't muslin? Someone has been watching too much Zeitgeist! [True/Slant: Ali Eteraz]

  • Nancy Pelosi needs a hug. [The Caucus]

  • Time for a feel-good story about the selfless charity of a very special health insurance company. Gather the kids 'round the computer screen. Do you have your cup of coco ready? And enough marshmallows? [Think Progress]

  • Why would the Democrats want to keep young Americans from attending college? Everyone knows Harry Reid is a huge Dave Matthews fan, and that Barbara Boxer is captain of her ultimate Frisbee team. Democrats love college. [RedState]

  • Some racist Obama pics for your spankbank. [AMERICAblog]


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