Barack Obama Will Publicly Shame Dennis Kucinich Until He Votes Yes


[youtube expand=1]

In case you have not read about this on the very tense political Internet, the House vote on health care reform at the end of this week is going to be close as the dickens. No -- even closer than the dickens.

Consider today's Presidential Activity: Barack Obama wants to get Dennis Kucinich's vote, but Dennis Kucinich really does not want to vote yes (because it's likely that the day after Obamacare loses, the House & Senate will quickly take up and unanimously pass a single-payer bill.) So Obama orders Kucinich to fly with him on Air Force One to a big health care rally in Kucinich's own district. And then during the rally, Obama and his Union Thugs just try to annoy Kucinich until he cracks.

And this is just Monday! Say a prayer for any crucial Democratic votes still holding out by Thursday or Friday, when Rahm Emanuel will be EARFUCKING THEIR CHILDREN.



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