Mostly hat, some cattleOh you thought Hillary Clinton won Texas on March 4? Think again! Instead of a normal voting system, Texas has a vast and specially designed labyrinth of despair that prevents all but the most froth-mouthed true believers from ever emerging with something called a "vote" -- so upon second inspection, it looks like the latest round goes to Barack Obama.

Yesterday the state held its Democratic district conventions, which means that people of all ages, races, creeds, and religions, as well as a few angry middle-aged white women, gathered together to select delegates to the state Democratic convention. As usual, because we are talking about Democrats, chaos reigned and people argued endlessly about "voting strategies" and "fairness" before casting their votes as predicted.

This latest clusterfuck's results depended on the results of the March 4 caucuses, which our weary nation will recall was a mind-numbing disaster.

At the end of a long and terrible day, it was determined (by the Obama campaign) that Barack Obama won 38 of the caucus-allotted delegates over Hillary Clinton's 29, giving him a five-delegate lead overall in the state. This is precisely the outcome experts predicted the day after the caucuses were held.

In other words, everybody could have stayed home yesterday and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee with their loved ones instead of standing around some frigging convention center arguing about procedural votes.

UPDATE: Obama says he's won Texas [Postcards from the Lege]

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