Barack Obama Worships At The Temple Of Basketball

  • Oh good gravy now homebuilders want a bailout. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Investors approve of Citigroup getting its bailout; on Friday the government agreed to invest $20 billion and guarantee over $300 billion of the bank's troubled assets, and today the markets are expected to open higher. [AP]
  • Barack Obama has not attended church since the election, but now he is looking for DC-area house of worship. [ABC News]
  • Two roadside bombs and one suicide bomber outside the Green Zone killed at least 19 people in Baghdad today. [AFP]
  • Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says he hopes the US and Russia will have a better relationship soon and that a President Obama will be "more constructive and responsible" in dealing with arms control matters. [AP]
  • Everybody wanted BOLD PROPOSALS from our President-elect Obama, so here is something bold: a $700 billion spending package, separate and distinct from the bank bailout, to save or create 2.5 million jobs. The point is this: we can now refer with impunity to "Obama's extraordinarily large package." [New York Times]

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