When Barack Obama was born in Kenya 16 years ago, abortion wasn't legal, so his parents weren't able to get rid of their child. Jesus smiled, because he likes all babies, even socialist ones who want to destroy America. But now that ObaMao has illegally taken power in the U.S., he has decided toforce a new constitution on Kenya that protects abortion, and our government is illegally spending money to get this passed, according to Fox News.

You know, there's a perfectly good constitution sitting around that Kenya could use. Its framers didn't need lots of money to make it; they just used their minds and American Values. Sure, it may be a little dusty, but it works just fine if you don't have any activist judges. This constitution is, of course, The Constitution. But apparently our Constitution is not good enough for Obama because it offers no protection for abortions, so he spent money to write a new one for Kenya.

Kenyans, though, like Real Americans and our Constitution, do not believe abortion should be legal.

Because abortion has never been an issue in Kenya until now, the country lacks an organized anti-abortion movement on the scale seen in the United States.

Thank you, Fox News. Kenyans were a peaceful, innocent people who hated abortions until Obama came along. Then he corrupted their morals and ruined them. This is what scholars call "The Black Man's Burden."

Luckily, Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey has stepped up to save Kenya by trying to get Obama arrested.

“If violations of the law have occurred, which on the face of it they have, the information must be brought before law enforcement,” Smith said. “Not even presidents are above the law.”

Something called the "Siljander Amendment" was attached to a law one time, and it "makes it illegal for the U.S. government to lobby on abortion in other countries."

So now Obama will be thrown in prison for liking abortion and Chris Smith will become our new dictator (because we will enact Kenya's cool current constitution that allows vast executive power). And Obama can hang out with the author of the Siljander Amendment, former Congressman Mark Siljander, who just recently pled guilty to obstruction of American Justice and being a terrible foreign spy-agent. They will have a funny story to talk about! [Fox News]


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