So last night in the debate John McCain mentioned this despicable project Barack Obama supported, Chicago-style, by throwing 3 million of taxpayers' dollars at some overhead projector in a planetarium. It was made of pork! Which is just weird, since Muslims aren't supposed to like pigs, or celestial navigation.

So here it is, your Bacon Projector of Doom:

The Adler Planetarium -- owners of the filthy overhead sky-pig robot -- released a statement this morning basically saying John McCain was full of shit in six different ways, that yes Obama had voted for federal money to replace the 40-year-old projector in their dome theater, as had pretty much every local politician they'd ever lobbied, but the money was not appropriated, so suck it, etc. (PDF here.)

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Adler Statement About Senator McCain's Comments at the Presidential Debate (PDF) [Adler Planetarium]


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