My friends, since the Main Stream Media will not say it, we must: Barack Obama supports the legality of something called "abortion," a procedure in which Jeremiah Wright and his imam minions stealyour babies and sacrifice them to Hollywood Liberals. Why has this not been covered? Surely it is the stuff of Scandal? Thankfully we have the Christian Defense Coalition, which is launching its "Abortion President" attack campaign on Obama. Exactly how many of God's babies has Barry personally killed?

Here is a statement about the campaign from Patrick Mahoney, the director of this secret "other" C.D.C.:

Senator Obama talks about bringing hope, faith and change to American politics. We now see this is all just political 'doublespeak.' One of his top priorities as President would be protecting abortion rights and even expanding them. If elected, Senator Obama would become 'The Abortion President,' with the most extremist policies on abortion of any President in history.

Senator Obama's views on abortion are so radical that he even wants American citizens to pay for them. This would include Catholics, Evangelicals and all people of faith. He would also expand abortion rights through his passionate support of The Freedom of Choice Act.

The Christian Defense Coalition will be working diligently over the next 5 months before the November elections to educate people of faith, especially Catholics, that Barack Obama wants them to pay for abortions. This is not a candidate who is concerned about social justice, hope and equality. Rather, this is candidate who will continue the violence and pain of abortion and refuse to end this tragic war against America's women and children.

Indeed, the most extreme, radical leftist abortion policies of any leader since Cronus. We want an American President, goddamnit, not an Abortion President. Our country is not called "Abortion," or "Abortionland," or "The Duchy of Babykillingbourg." If Barack Obama cares about anything beyond himself, he should just go to those three countries and drink spiced orange tea with his pinky up and leave us the hell out of it.

Christian Group Launches “Abortion President” Campaign against Barack Obama [The Brody File]


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