Barack Obama's... What Is It Now... TEACHING History Ruins His Chances


Barack Obama used to be the greatest enemy of America: a PROFESSOR, of Law. He is still the greatest enemy of America (he's a Mooz), but he used to be worse. Because with an advanced, post-industrial economy where the only jobs available are for those with an education, America rightfully despises education and its self-styled provocateurs. Obama, in his 12 years as a professor of Constitutional Law -- a subject held in such high disregard in this country that Obama himself ignores it -- was basically awful, because he made his students take tests and write a lot of words. Let's "examine" one of his wretched Final Examinations that the New York Times folks have unearthed, and grade it.

Here are the instructions for his Autumn 2003 Final Examination:

Jesus, DID YOU FORGET ANYTHING? If you like precision so much, just tell us "answer the damn questions" instead of all this malarkey. And last time we checked, 3,000 words double-spaced on our word processor is like 10 pages, unless you really fuck with margins. For his Instructions Page, Barack Obama gets a D, for "Dingus."

Oh, here we go:

So this, this is a "real-world" scenario to Barack Obama: you are sitting in your law professor's office in the hippie state of "Nirvana" and every week or so these two homosexuals walk into your office for an orgy, during which they offer to buy your children. This is not law. This is just nonsense. For these paragraphs, Barack Obama gets a B, for "black," which he is.

The Long Run [NYT]

Inside Professor Obama's Classroom [NYT/The Caucus]


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