Barnes & Noble Suppresses Ron Paul Revolution!

As we know, Ron Paul's Manifesto book has been quite the hot ticket in literary circles, making #1 on's and the New York Times' bestseller lists. And why not? It's the best book since Ulysses, a famous Liberal Novel. So now the only question is, why would Barnes & Noble suppress Ron Paul's political ideology by not placing his book at the front of one of their stores? Let's join our old pals at Ron Paul Forums, who have raised this important question.

The issue was raised by RPF Senior Member "erin moore," who was going to Barnes & Noble to "get a few more copies" of the Manifesto, with which to stuff her pillow at night. It was not at the front of the store, of all places not to be!

However, it was still in the back corner of the sotre, bottom shelf, 3 copies. (there were 6 on April 30th an I bought two of them) I was under the apparenty mistaken impression that the BN Bestseller shelves featured prominently at the front of the store were for true bestsellers and I actually thought it was tied into the NYT list. NOT AT ALL.

A book can be #1 everywhere, INCLUDING at and they won't necessarily feature it on the bestseller shelf up front. There is not hard critera, either. Whatever IS selling or is projected to sell. READ: whichever publisher PAYS for the self space. It is FRAUD.

It should be the Barnes & Noble PICKS or FEATURES.

It doesn't take a constitutional lawyer to realize that this book placement is, indeed, Thomas Jefferson's very definition of "FRAUD."

Screw the lawyers, we can take this into our own hands! Let's move all of the books up front ourselves. And by ourselves we mean "our moms," because they are the creatures that leave the house:

We must remember that this is not just a coincidence of latent fascism -- it is overt suppression, determined by the Federal Reserve and its "floating" liberal currency and carried out by its CIA minions who work as part-time stock boys at Barnes & Noble:

Action Alert, B&N FRAUD against Manifesto [RPF via Ron Paul Tumbleblog]


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