Barney For Homeland Security

No, No, You Can't Have TotoFor some reason, we felt compulsively drawn to the White House Web site this morning to watch the new BarneyCam video. (Wait, we know why -- because it was the only thing CNN aired all day yesterday!) And yes, it's even dumber than it looked in all those excerpts, though it's better than the one they put on at the convention this summer -- if only because Karl Rove doesn't do any Howard Dean impressions. We did like the candy-cane font they used for the credits -- so cable-access!

But hidden in all that jolly canine holiday spirit lies, we think, a serious idea. At the beginning of the video, we learn that Barney's been depressed because he's been passed over for all the major Cabinet posts. President Bush tells him he can't use him there and sends him off to... run around the White House bothering people who we thought had more important things to do. The thing is, now that Democrat Joe Lieberman keeps spurning Bush's offers, why don't they put Barney in at Homeland Security? Sure, sure, he's a dog. But at least he never fucked Judith Regan.

Where In The White House Is Miss Beazley? [White House]

[AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta]


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