Famous liberal Barney Frank has aligned with famous Internet character Ron Paul and three other congresspeople to make the Marijuana legal, finally, in America! The bill is called the"Act to Remove Federal Penalties for Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults," which sounds very responsible, and would make it federally legal to possess up to 100 grams of weed, for smoking or cooking or however you like to get high. But wingnut states can continue to have crazy laws against the Mexican Loco Weed, because of Ron Paul's state rights!

The legislation was introduced a month ago, but [INSERT JOKE ABOUT HOW WE WERE STONED ON DOPE AND DIDN'T NOTICE, ETC.], and now High Times Esquire has this crazy Q&A with Barney Frank, so we will quote it:

BF: This is a case where there's cultural lag on the part of my colleagues. If you ask them privately, they don't think it's a terrible thing. But they're afraid of being portrayed as soft on drugs. And by the way, the argument is, nobody ever gets arrested for it. But we have this outrageous case in New York where a cop jammed a baton up a guy's ass when he caught him smoking marijuana.

ESQ: You're kidding.

BF: Actually, I've just been corrected by my partner -- it was a radio he jammed up the guy's ass, not his baton.

ESQ: Small radio, I hope.

Anyway, legalize it, etc.! [Esquire]


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