Barry Hussein Obama Switches To Nicorette

We TOLD you to quit smoking! - WonketteWhile the prohibition on black presidents has been (temporarily) repealed, presidents have not been allowed to be smokers for nearly half a century -- JFK learned the hard way in Dallas, one of the earliest fanatical non-smoking cities.

Barack Obama wants to be president, so he has supposedly put away the smokes for good. He quit over the Christmas holidays (always a relaxing time) and intends to stay off the tobacco throughout his campaign for the White House (very relaxing). How is Barry fighting the urge? With nicotine gum! "I've been chewing Nicorette strenuously," he told the Chicago Tribune.

It's weird how he needs to chew so much nicotine gum, considering how he allegedly only smokes five or ten a day ... unless he's campaigning, or writing. Then he smokes lots more. Good luck with that, Barry!

Obama trying to quit smoking -- again [Chicago Tribune]


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