Barry's Next Inauguration Will Be BYOB


  • Hey if your Verizon phone and the people responsible for its maintenance have been terrorizing you logistically and emotionally, you just earned Ten Recession Dollars. [WTOP]
  • The Maryland crab fisherpeople have been busted for their under-the-sea crab racket. Apparently by lying about the amount of crabs that were caught, this fearful crustation cartel was trying to convince uh, environmentalists (?) that fishing should be restriction-free next season. [Washington Post]
  • The DC United, a European-style Soccer-ball team, will maybe be moving to Maryland! They will still be in the DC network on Facebook, for such is What's Done. [DCist]
  • DC spent $50 million on throwing that huge party for Barry, and now the city is trying to recoup those costs by being extra vigilant about collecting sales tax and maybe considering, for a dark moment, selling that iPod that someone accidentally left on the couch. [DC Examiner]
  • Fox News' only "out" child pornographer, Aaron Bruns, was fired this morning. [Fishbowl DC]

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