Bart Stupak Declines To Participate In Avante-Garde Art Project


Oh, hey, health care reform, rememberthat? Remember pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak, who only voted for the House version of the bill after he got an amendement added banning federal funding for abortions (which was already banned), and then refused to vote for the final version until the president issued an executive order banning federal funding for abortions (which was already banned), then announced he wasn't running for re-election because everybody hates him now, for allowing federal funds to spent on abortions? Well, the FBI just arrested an elderly father-son team who threatened to "paint" a bridge with the blood of the entire Stupak family, as a symbolic representation of the all the precious fetuses Stupak personally killed, and also of their hatred of him.

Russell Hesch, 73, and David Hesch, 50, were taken into custody because they wrote a threatening letter to an elected official, which is illegal. Their court-appointed attorney (ha ha, they are poor) says his clients are "absolutely not guilty," which is less guilty than "not guilty" but guiltier than "100 percent not guilty." Normally if we link to an AP story we wouldn't link to the version on Fox News, but that would deny us the chance to take a look at the important, thoughtful things Fox News commenters have to say about this story, which involves people threatening to dismember an elected official!

When will America begin to bomb Sweden, because of their sinister curses? [Fox]


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