Basketballmer, Birthday Books, Bakersfield, And Boobs, All In Your Afternoon Happy Links!


Man, Snipy and Rebecca take ONE afternoon off from writing the link post, and out come the Ponies. So sue us. Here are your Happy Nice Time links, People:

The upcoming Season 2 of HBO's True Detective will be set in California, but not in Los Angeles, which has Been Done.

The jerkwads at the MPAA don't want people drooling over posters of Eva Green's boobs. That seems seriously stupid -- in other words, standard operating procedure for the MPAA.

For your weekending, we've got a review of Disney's Maleficent, which unfortunately doesn't go for the campy take on Sleeping Beauty that might have been a lot more fun.

What do you give an excessively literate kid for his 17th birthday? You could always ask! Now, if we can just convince him to start writing for Wonket again...

What do you give an excessively racist sportsball team owner for his franchise? If you're Steve Ballmer, about $2.5 billion. Naw, that has to be a typo. Does it include any good books at least? Like a Guttenberg bible or two?

The super-jerky tech jerk who was videotaped beating his girlfriend thinks it's super unfair that he got fired from being a tech dude, because he got a plea deal. As Dear Abby never advised, but often wanted to, we can only say, "Shut up, you fucking baby."

Also, too, we have Sideboob.

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