BBC Mourns 'Great American' Alexander Haig


If you're of a Certain Age ("not ancient" yet "not young"), you may recall this guy Alexander Haig because he ran around yelling "I am in control here!" and "Fuck the Pope!" after Ronald Reagan was shot in 1981. Or, you may not. Most people who grew up in the 1980s don't remember anything beyond the band Journey and how Boy George "looked like a fuckin' fag." Ha ha, life seemed pretty bad back then, didn't it? Uh, anyway, this guy Alexander Haig died.

He was one of America's Great Leaders in the war against Vietnam, even though nobody has ever figured out what Vietnam did to America. (Nothing at all, actually, hahahah.)

Then, Haig was some insider at the Nixon White House, which was a real motherfucking temple of Democracy and Decorum at the time. And then, Haig was running around shouting to the teevee cameras about how he was IN CONTROL of America, after a nut shot Reagan.

Oh god, this country. It just goes on and on, in its sad toilet-swirl way. ALSO: The British are not loving America enough, by putting "Great American" in scare quotes before the name of this guy who died. [BBC NEWS]


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