Impending End of Summer Brings Rum, Lobster & BBQ

Impending End of Summer Brings Rum, Lobster & BBQ

Thursday, September 2: What to do now that it's the end of America's favorite war, in Iraq? Can you celebrate the end of something that's not really over, and that may have accomplished nothing at all? Of course you can! Here's a fun event, for celebrating, that has nothing to do with Iraq but that reminds us why Freedom is great: Chinatown Coffee, to celebrate getting a liquor license, is hosting a happy hour with $3 Dale's Pale Ale and the privilege of standing in line to (eventually) be served a lobster roll right from a truck. Hooray freedom! [Lobster Roll and Beer Happy Hour at the Chinatown Coffee Company]

  • Thursday, September 2: The secret U Street bar The Gibson has been governed by all sorts of nonsensical rules, UNTIL NOW. In honor of the (well-off) working man and wanna-be socialists, The Gibson is hosting a Labor Day Weekend Kick-Off/Summer Swansong event on Thursday where standing will be allowed (!) and dancing will be encouraged (!). Tickets are $75 for all you can eat, drink, dance and shout. [Haymarket Riot Labor Day Social at The Gibson]
  • Thursday, September 2 through Sunday, September 5: Cafe Atlantico has set out to remind us that there was a devastating earthquake in Haiti that policy wonk Wyclef Jean can't fix alone. Yes, Haiti's spirit can only be restored if Washingtonians drink a lot of rum. The restaurant is hosting a FREE rum tasting on Friday from 4-6PM and other events that will require the purchasing of rum to raise awareness/funds for the ongoing efforts to rebuild the country.¬† [Third Annual Rum Weekend at Cafe Atlantico]

  • Food To Look Forward To: A food cart is yearning to have its business actually operate under a roof, and, less surprisingly, DC will soon be home to yet another beer palace. [Pleasant Pops via Prince of Petworth, Dino via TBD]

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