Because Everything Is Better When You Push The Envelope


Oscars: As captivating as the health care summit was, booze, crime, sex and the mafia all make for much better entertainment. This is why you should head to the National Geographic this weekend to see the Best Foreign Film Academy Award nominees, to E Street Cinema to see the 2010 Academy Award-Nominated Live-Action Shorts, and next Saturday, March 6, to the AMC Loews Georgetown for their 24-hour marathon of the 10 Best Picture nominees. That's 900,000 movies, and you must watch them all. [National Geographic, E Street Cinema, AMC Lowes Georgetown]

  • Friday, February 26 through Sunday, February 28: If you can't get enough of sex, violence, slaughter, and other delightful topics, check out the film at the Warehouse Theater. It may be the bloodiest, strangest film you will ever see, so you will surely enjoy it! []
  • Friday, February 26 through Sunday, February 28: In high school you were probably forced to read the Great Gatsby, and you probably really liked this story that dismantles the American Dream, angsty teenager you were. Catch the Washington Ballet's performance of the novel (huh?) this weekend at the Kennedy Center. [Kennedy Center]
  • Friday, February 26 through Monday, March 1: It's always interesting when one actor plays twelve different characters and manages to get into loads of trouble, with himself, for fun. The Great One-Man Commedia Epic is just that, and it's bound to be a hilarious, very odd play. [Shakespeare Theater]
  • Friday, February 26 through Wednesday, March 17: There's nothing like a story about love, pain, family, sibling rivalry, and Ireland to help you get through the darkest days of winter. Which is exactly why you should see Gdirl From Gdansk at the Keegan Theater. The "emotionally charged" story should help you emerge from your winter doldrums. [Keegan Theater]

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