Because He Does Care: Joseph Curl's Remedial Pool Report

This afternoon we poked fun at the excuse for a pool report filed by Joseph Curl, who covers the White House for the sushi-subsidized Washington Times. We made Joe the following offer: "If you'd like to file an amended pool report, after attending remedial pool reporting class this afternoon, just email it to us, and we will disseminate."

Perhaps Joe heard us -- his next pool report reflects much more diligence than his last one. Although it's still marked by a certain breezy insouciance, it lacks the "I don't give a rat's ass" tone of his last missive.

Check it out for yourself, after the jump.

From: White House Press Releases

Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2006 4:32 PM

Subject: POOL REPORT #2, 4/12/06

Pool Report #2

April 12, 2006

Northern Virginia Community College

Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center

Annandale, Virginia

The "educator in chief" departed the White House almost 20 minutes late, at 1:38. Through the E Street Expressway tunnel at 65 mph, across the Teddy Roosevelt Bridge, and to the Beltway in 12 minutes (try that without a motorcade). A police boat floated in the Potomac River as the motorcade raced by, and police had shut done the outer loop of the Beltway when the president passed. Snipers stood atop a few buildings lining the inner loop, holding those enormous binoculars.

On Little River Turnpike (Route 236), a few onlookers, parents with young children, stood on street corners, waving. He arrived at 1:58.

The president took the stage at 2:06.

POTUS departed at 3:03. The inner loop was bumper to bumper, with some people out of their cars to see what was causing the holdup. I-66 E was also shut down for the motorcade, except, as WTOP reported: "... for the ambulance trying to get through to Fairfax Hospital." The traffic reporter twice "everything is at a staaaaandstill...."

The motorcade could not avoid the roadwork on the TRB eastbound, thundering over huge bumps, but slowing down for the last huge thump. Back at 3:30.

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