Been Nice Knowing You, John Kelly. Wonkagenda For Tues., May 1, 2018

Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

Last night the New York Times got its hands on some of the questions Robert Mueller WAS going to ask Trump. The four dozen questions mostly focus on obstruction of justice with some Trump-Russia and money laundering stuff thrown in for variety. [Morning Maddow]

The House Freedom fuckers drafted an impeachment letter against Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein because they felt like he was stonewalling their efforts to give Trump a back door to "You're Fired-ing" Robert Mueller.

Paul Manafort is being sued in federal court for being a broke liar after a multi-million dollar loan for a fancy-pants property out in LA fell through.

Michael Cohen saw that National Enquirer cover, and he was a little confused about why Trump went off on Fox & Friends about all the business he does with his businesses as a businessman (and a lawyer!) that have nothing to do with Trump's business, except for that Stormy Daniels business.

John Kelly's delusions of grandeur have reached new heights as multiple staffers have heard Kelly call Trump A Idiot, and say that he's the only thing stopping a nuclear holocaust. Staffers say Kelly calls women emotional, and he was pissed about Rob Porter being quit-fired.

Shocked that John Kelly might say a mean thing about his boyfriend, Hannity ranted about how it wasn't true, and guffawed about the US becoming Venezuela, then suggested people "burn" the NY Times. This morning, Trump echoed Hannity and tweeted some butthurt.

Trump paused the start of his trade war (again), giving the EU, Canada and Mexico another 30 days to beg for favors and plot their revenge.

Surprise! The Trump tax cuts (for the super rich) haven't trickled down money for the filthy poors since big businesses are spending their profits and repatriated Ameros on themselves. Now, even Marco Rubio is saying Reaganomics is dead, telling The Economist,"They bought back shares, a few gave out bonuses; there’s no evidence whatsoever that the money’s been massively poured back into the American worker." Et tu, Marco?

Financial eggheads are warning the era of free money is over, and you'd better strap-in for a bumpy ride.

The Pentagon will decide the fate of Ronny Jackson, not the Jedi Council, or the court of public opinion.

Trump might be bitching about Democratic Sen. Jon Tester, but behind closed doors his White House is pissed at Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson for not warning anybody that Tester knew all about the "Candyman" after finding memos from Karen Pence's doctor claiming Jackson is kind of a dick and has a big mouth.

According to his lawyers, brain scans of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged 9/11 mastermind, show he was tortured and abused while being held at an overseas CIA black site back in 2002-2003.

In his new memoir, John McCain announced his retirement, and calls Trump a pussy.

A group of Texas businesses have formed a PAC to take on Tea Party crazies in the Texas primaries after seeing many Republican House members screw over their main streets.

Mike Pence has been whoring himself out in California so that Rep. Kevin McCarthy can funnel the money down to House races where Republicans are getting their asses kicked.

LGBTQ+ students at Arkansas's super conservative Harding University made a little gay zine to help students, but the gay hatin' school staff began hunting them down and trashing them. Fight the power!

A racist prick drove into a group of people protesting Columbus Day, killing a Native American basketball prodigy and calling a woman a "prairie nigger." A year later, he's not being charged with a hate crime, and there is talk of a plea deal.

The Trump administration let in four children, their moms, and one 18-year-old seeking asylum at the Tijuana border, but nobody is sure what will happen to the rest of the refugees"migrant caravan."

In an effort to scuttle the Iranian nuclear deal, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says that Iran has been trying to build nuclear weapons, but foreign policy experts argue that Israel found remnants of Iran's old nuclear program, not a new one. Shortly after Netanyahu's claims, Trump's White House released a tweet and a statement claiming Iran HAS nuclear weapons, but later retracted both due to spelling errors.

These photos from Afghan photographer Shah Marai, who was killed along with nine other journalists in Kabul by a suicide bomb Monday, show the evolution of the war in Afghanistan and why many Afghans feel that almost two decades of war have left many feeling "There is no more hope."

The Trump administration is considering limiting Chinese citizens from working or studying at American companies and universities to protect super secret shit from being bootlegged in China.

Page Six gossips that NBC pressured a number of people to sign a letter of support for Tom Brokaw. Many "lower-level" NBC staffers ALLEGEDLY "felt forced to sign the letter supporting ... NBC's golden boy."

Megyn Kelly helped twist the knife in Brokaw's back a little deeper yesterday when she said, "I just came from Fox where we just went through this...You don't know what you don't know." (She's Megyn Kelly, but she's still absolutely right.)

So-called baby-Breitbarts are beginning to pop up across the country in an effort to brainwash people. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

ALLEGED pedophile Roy Moore is suing the four women who accused him of being a pedophile for saying that he, former Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, did hand stuff with kids.

Stormy Daniels (and her lawyer) are suing Trump for defamation (again) after Trump tweeted some stupid shit two weeks ago.

Roseanne Barr went on late night teevee to say dumb shit and be obnoxious.

Alex Jones's anti-Muslim bullshit has expanded to Europe via pro-Trump Pizzagate jackoff Dan Lyman.

Jan Koum, the founder of WhatsApp, one of the largest messaging platforms in the world, has resigned over privacy disputes with parent company Facebook. In a nutshell, he didn't want to give out user data so companies could microtarget ads.

And here's your morning Nice Time! SLOTH BEAR CUBS!

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